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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Mold Removal!

Many households will discover mold growing after they have had to deal with some sort of water damage. This isn’t always the case as mold can grow in plac... READ MORE

Water Damaged Kitchen

Water damage can creep on in any house at any time as appliances become old and experience wear. Many times water damage will not be visible to the naked eye bu... READ MORE

Wood Floors & Water

Everyone knows summer thunderstorms in our area can lead to flash flooding pretty quickly. Many people do not properly prepare as they are used to these thunder... READ MORE

Water Damaged Carpet

After a recent storm we got a call from a family who had some water damage in their basement. The water damaged a good portion of the basement carpets, as shown... READ MORE

Local Library Suffers After Flash Floods

The people at The Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library called SERVPRO this past week after a bad storm,that lead to flash flooding, affected the library. Ma... READ MORE

Water Damaged Basement in Perkasie, PA

This summer was filled with many terrible storms which led to many calls about water damage. This family from Perkasie, Pa, called our crew as they were dealing... READ MORE

Storm Damages Basement!

Yet another storm hit a local house and caused water damage in this family's basement. It may be hard to tell in the before pictures that there is any evident w... READ MORE

Mold in Commercial Building

One of the local commercial businesses called us as they had recently discovered some mold in the basement of their building. The mold had grown up many walls o... READ MORE

The Last of the Summer Storms Cause Damage

Summer may be over but it did have a few more heavy thunderstorms for us last week. Whenever a big storm hits we expect many calls for water damage due to these... READ MORE

Water Damage in Schools

Recently our team has been doing a lot of work in nearby schools. Between the schools being closed up for the summer and all the summer storms that have been co... READ MORE

Water Discovered in Townhome Hallway

Even though the summer is over doesn't mean the rain will stop as the end of hurricane season is not until November. This customer discovered his entire hallway... READ MORE

Before and After Mold Remediation

Recently water and mold jobs have been consistently keeping us busy. As you can see from the pictures above this customer called about mold that was discovered ... READ MORE

Ronald McDonald Statue Restoration

Last weekend a local Mc Donald's caught fire and incurred some pretty serious damage. The cause of the fire is still being investigated but our team was called ... READ MORE

Ronald McDonald Statue Restoration

In the middle of the summer a Burlington Coat franchise called us to take care of one of their warehouses that had flooded. As you can see from the before pictu... READ MORE

Restaurant Cleanup

We all know how hard it is to keep our own kitchens clean none the less an industrial kitchen that puts out hundreds of food items a day. A restaurant called us... READ MORE

The Bush House Fire

At the end of April The Bush House in Quakertown, Pa, broke out in flames. The fire was so large that it damaged three floors of the apartment building house an... READ MORE

The Bush House Fire

The Bush House was a very big project for us that we spent a good amount of time working on, leaving us with many good examples of our work with fire damage. Ag... READ MORE

The Bush House Fire, Ceiling Damage

These pictures show some of the ceiling and walls that were damaged in the fire. In the first picture you can observe pieces of dry wall, paint and wall paper h... READ MORE

Fire Residue Left Behind on Walls

A small apartment fire broke out in this complex due to a burnt pizza! The firefighters left behind some smoke residue on the walls and we came out to help get ... READ MORE

Moldy Baseboards!

The original call that we received for this job was for water damage due to this customers hot water heater breaking. When we got there we saw that mold had alr... READ MORE

Storm Causes Major Problems in Basement

This is a unique before and after picture set as you see first hand our crew at work! They are working hard to clean these walls after a storm caused major wate... READ MORE

Water Damage in a Kitchen

This customer woke up in the morning to find a pipe leaking underneath his bathroom sink. This pip caused so much damage that it affected the ceilings, carpets ... READ MORE

Barber Shop Takes on Damage

An older barber shop located in the basement of a home took on some water damage recently. The customer discovered that his hot water heater had broken and affe... READ MORE

Dry Wall Tear Down After Fire

Yet another great example of our work restoring the Bush House after the fire they had in April. The first picture shows one of the walls in an apartment right ... READ MORE

Bathroom Restoration!

The before picture of this bathroom from the Bush House is a pretty good example of just how serious this fire was. The entire bathroom is covered in soot and r... READ MORE

Broken Sump Pump Nightmare

This customer woke up and found that his sump pump had broken. There was 2 inches of standing water in his partially finished basement. one hundred percent of h... READ MORE

Commercial Cleaning Job

This is an example of one of our commercial cleaning jobs we did down in Philadelphia, Pa this past summer. This restaurant called us because they wanted to sta... READ MORE

More Water Damage After Storm!

The common pattern that has emerged for our business is obviously when a big rain or thunder storm occurs, our phone lines are very busy. We get so many calls f... READ MORE

Storm Wreaks Havoc for Homeowner

Yet again another storm caused problems for this homeowner in his basement. His basement took on some water when faced with a heavy rain storm. This homeowner h... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in a Kitchen

Sometimes you can't see mold growth in your home but that doesn't mean it can't be there. These before and after pictures give a good example of this. When all ... READ MORE

Work Bench Covered in Mold

This customer woke up to find that her sump pump had backed up and to her unfinished basement with an inch of water in it. When our crew arrived at the site the... READ MORE

Commercial and Residential Service Providers

Many people have asked us in the past if we do residential home losses and my answer was "of course we do!". I was not aware that so many people assumed we only... READ MORE

Outstanding Reviews On This Commercial Loss

The landlord of these commercial apartments had nothing but good things to say about our crew and how great of a job they did after the sprinkler system was tri... READ MORE

A Mold Remediation Job

Yet again we had a customer who gave us a great review on the mold remediation job we performed at his house. He discovered some mold in areas of his basement. ... READ MORE

A Basement Flooding Remediated by SERVPRO

After a weekend away from their home, this family came home to a surprise, but not a good one. They discovered a standing 4 inches of water in their partially f... READ MORE

Ice Maker Leads to Massive Damage

One of our customers called us after discovering her ice maker from her freezer had been leaking for the past two weeks. She had been away on vacation and was n... READ MORE

Fridge Causing Water Damage

Yet another customer who came home from vacation to find their house had been affected by water damage. This families fridge had also leaked causing water to st... READ MORE

SERVPRO Textiles Restoration - Military Flag

SERVPRO of Germantown offers soft goods cleaning using the Esporta wash system. This flag was heavily damaged by soot from a fire. We were able to restore it t... READ MORE