Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Antique Dishes Restored

Family heirlooms were able to be restored by our Contents Department. The family was worried they would need to be discarded but our Contents Manager Henry gave... READ MORE

Water Damage Cleaning

Before and after pictures of the floor damaged by water.

Philadlephia, PA

Before and after pictures of the floor damaged by water.

Broken Sump Pump Nightmare

This customer woke up and found that his sump pump had broken. There was 2 inches of standing water in his partially finished basement. one hundred percent of h... READ MORE

Water Damage in a Kitchen

This customer woke up in the morning to find a pipe leaking underneath his bathroom sink. This pip caused so much damage that it affected the ceilings, carpets ... READ MORE

Water Damaged Basement in Perkasie, PA

This summer was filled with many terrible storms which led to many calls about water damage. This family from Perkasie, Pa, called our crew as they were dealing... READ MORE

Water Damaged Carpet

After a recent storm we got a call from a family who had some water damage in their basement. The water damaged a good portion of the basement carpets, as shown... READ MORE

Wood Floors & Water

Everyone knows summer thunderstorms in our area can lead to flash flooding pretty quickly. Many people do not properly prepare as they are used to these thunder... READ MORE

Water Damaged Kitchen

Water damage can creep on in any house at any time as appliances become old and experience wear. Many times water damage will not be visible to the naked eye bu... READ MORE