Commercial Photo Gallery

Restaurant Cleaning Job

Over the summer we were called down to a restaurant in Philadelphia to perform a commercial clean. We sent a crew at night after the restaurant closed and got it completed within a few nights.

Local McDonalds Catches Fire

This is a picture from inside the local McDonald's that recently caught fire and was completely destroyed. Although it is dark you can see just how serious the damage was.

Commercial Apartment Complex Covered in Soot After Fire

When a fire breaks out the smoke can creep in to places that the fire never even touched and leave behind soot. You can see it clearly affected this apartments cabinets leaving behind empty spaces where glasses once stood.

Mold in Basement of Home Converted to a Business

With all the mold jobs we have been getting recently, we have a multitude of mold pictures to show! This is just one area of the basement that was affected. This home was converted in to a commercial business. There were many other spots on the walls, foundation and dry wall that had to be remediated as well.

Commercial Store in Oxford Valley Mall Needs Help with Water Damage

Recently we helped out a shoe store in the Oxford Valley Mall that had incurred some water damage. The water marks are clearly visible in the photos. They were very impressed with our service.

Mold in Basement of Commercial Building

Our team got called out to a local business who had discovered some pretty severe mold growth in their basement. This was only a small portion of the mold we removed at this job.