Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Moldy Attic

This is another picture from the house that had an attic filled with mold. You can clearly see the mold going up the wood beams. The entire attic ended up being treated.

Attic Filled with Mold!

A homeowner called us to have her attic remediated for mold. When we got there we discovered mold scattered throughout the entire attic. This job required the entire attic to be HEPA vacuumed, sprayed, wiped and sealed.

Mold Remediation in a Home

A customer called us out to his home to take a look at some mold he found growing. White mold was actually the reason we were called even though you wouldn't automatically think that from the picture.

Water Causes Mold Growth

Our team was called to this household on a water damage job but when our guys arrived they also found some mold growing. Mold growth is quite common when it comes to water damage and we always come prepared for both!

Many Schools Struggle with Mold Growth

Towards the end of the summer SERVPRO of Germantown received many calls from schools in a variety of locations in Pennsylvania. These schools discovered that mold had started to grow in their classrooms after they had been closed up for summer. Luckily we were able to help them get their classrooms clean in time for the school year!

Mold Grows in Basement of Home!

Our phones have been ringing left and right for mold remediation jobs! This summer consisted of many hot and humid days making a perfect environment for mold to grow. Check your homes for mold today to ensure a healthy living environment!