Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Church Fire

This church was affected 100% with a medium level of soot from a puff back. We had to hepa vac and sponge all of the structure while maintaining air quality with air scrubbers. We also had to control minor smoke odor that was present with vapor sharks and a hydroxyl generator. We had to bring in 1 man lifts to access the 30 feet high ceilings in the main chapel. All of the soft goods will be cleaned with our Esporta machine located at our main warehouse. The total job will take 7 days to complete.

Board Up After McDonald's Fire

We boarded up the local McDonald's that was completely destroyed in a fire a few weeks ago. The damage to the roof can be seen as wires, lights and bars are hanging down.

Rubble from a Large Fire

This picture shows all the rubble that was left in one of the apartments after the fire. There are beams from the ceiling that have fallen along with many household items.

Fire Destroys Many Apartments

One of the harder parts of fire remediation jobs is seeing the devastating aftermath. It is heartbreaking to see someone else's belongings completely destroyed but knowing we are helping them get back on their feet makes it all worth it!

Oven Covered in Fire Debris

The Bush House was a very large project for us and we were on the scene right away. Here is an example of one of the apartments kitchens. The oven is completely destroyed and covered in debris and soot. 

Exterior of Building Fire Damage

This is a picture of the outside of part of the Bush House in Quakertown, Pa. The fire damage going up the side of the building running up from the windows is clearly visible. 

Fire Damage in Commercial Apartment Complex

SERVPRO of Germantown recently got called over to a commercial apartment complex to take care of an apartment where a small kitchen fire broke out. Luckily for the tenant, the fire didn't cause very much damage.