Water Damage Photo Gallery

Summit Hall at Drexel University

Unfortunately a sewer pipe broke in Summit Hall at Drexel University early this morning. It caused so much water damage that our crew said it was almost as if it was raining inside! We sent almost all of our crew members over to the hall today to start the remediation immediately.

Water Heater Leaks Affecting Family Home

One morning this summer a family discovered that their water heater had broken and caused water damage that affected many rooms in the home. The ceilings in most of the rooms too the most damage.

More Water in in Local Schools

Here is another picture at a local school of a water damage job our team took care of. The amount of water on the floor can be seen clearly but it was not a problem for our guys!

Water Spots on a Ceiling

One of the signs that your roof may be leaking are spots such as the one in the picture. This patch is a water damaged ceiling that our team came out to repair in an apartment complex. 

Water Damaged Basement

A picture of one of the water damage jobs we got called out to handle. As you can see there is quite a bit of water spread throughout the basement. Our team was able to get it restored in no time!

Water Damage Affects Elderly Residents

Water Damage in Assisted Living Facility

Accidents happen. However, some accidents are more severe than others and may cause massive disruption to not only a business but many times to its residents and employees as well.

SERVPRO of Germantown recently got called in on a job at a retirement community after the plumber yanked down a pipe causing water to flow through numerous resident's rooms, offices and main rooms. Nearly 100 residents, some with dimentia, needed to be re-located in order for us to complete the job in a timely manner and make it, "Like it never even happened."

Burst Pipe

Water Damage in Philadelphia, PA

A shopping center in the city was severely affected by yet another burst pipe incident. SERVPRO of Germantown stepped in to help quickly and efficiently help the affected stores re-open.