Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Leaks from Storm Cause Damage to Hardwood Floors

The discoloration of these hardwood floors is a clear sign of water damage. A heavy storm made this family aware of a leak in their roof which in turn affected their hardwood floors.

Roof Takes on Damage from Storm

This roof took on some damage after one of the heavy summer storms. Luckily we were able to get out to this customers house and patch the roof up quickly.

Water from Heavy Rains Causes Flooding

This is the outside of a home that had water pouring in to their basement and home after very heavy rains. This picture shows how this storm impacted the outside of their house and their land.

Roof Damaged by Storm

Many of our storm damage calls have to do with water damage but at times there is some real damage done to the structure. We can also come in and help fix situations like this.

Storm Causes Major Flooding in Basement

Yet again another summer storm hit and caused this house a great deal of damage. When our team arrived there was actual streams of water flowing in to the basement from outside. We were able to help them remove all the water.

Storm Damage

You can only prepare so much for a storm. There is almost nothing you can do to keep trees and branches from crashing through your home.When the unexpected hits, we can come in and make it look like its brand new!